CG Rigid Style Frames

Chopper Guy’s Rigid Style frames are the first symmetrically widened fat tire frame on the market. Our Rigid frames are stronger, lighter, and lower than stock.  Super high quality precision machined CNC and formed steel components…make Chopper Guy’s the most rigid Rigid available. Rigidity and stiffness were increased to lower motor related vibrations for long lasting rough and tough performance. The Swedish Style Fat Guy Rigid has true chopper style. the nostalgic chopper rake and stretch is combined with modern Chopper Guys Performance.

CG Fat Guy Rigid Swedish Style Frame. Part #FRM-FGRS

The California Digger is built for speed, stretched, raked, and lowered to street drag specifications. The Digger is a tight unit, like all solid mount Chopper Guy Frames, motor and transmission surfaces are flat and parallel to within 0.0002″.

CG Fat Guy Rigid Custom 240 Tire Part# FRM-FGRC 240
CG 130 Rigid Custom Bobber Frame Part #FRM-CGRCB
FGRPX300 Chopper Guy’s Decimus Frame. Part #FRM-FGRPX300
Chopper Guy’s FG, Tall Guy Rigid Frame Kit with a 3″ Stretch Part # FRM-FGRT3